Our Vineyards

Our vineyards are in the town of Tabuenca, between 600 and 800 meters of altitude. Protected from the weather by the “Nava Alta” mountain range, the climate is extreme: temperatures can reach 45° C in summer but significantly drop at night. And in winter snowfall and temperatures as low as -6 °C are common.
Tabuenca in part of the DO Campo de Borja. The small DO comprises 16 municipalities between the south bank of the Ebro and the Nava Alta. Tabuenca is at the southernmost tip of the appellation and is the only town already within the Nava Alta mountains. This unique location is on average more than 200 meters higher than the rest of the appellation. Changes in temperature are higher than in the valley, which increases complexity and freshness of the wines.
We only grow Garnacha. This variety is typical for the region and is ideally suited for our climate and terroir. The oldest vines are more than 70 years old and produce the most concentrated berries. Vines are trained “en vaso”, a method that takes a lot of manual work, but better protects the fruit from the intense sun. We work all our vineyards according to organic standards.
The earth is rich in iron, which gives it a red colour. In the dry climate of Tabuenca, we only get 250 – 400 mm of rainfall per year. This forces the vines to grow their roots deep into the “terra rossa” soil to reach the water and extract enough nutrients. The maturation process is slower and produces more elegant tannin. This also reduces yields per hectare to about 2500 kg of fully ripe, concentrated and complex berries.