Our Cellar​

Our Bodega is very young. It came to life in 2012 when the two families Cuartero-Cuartero and Breitschmid Heiniger joined forces to produce wine together. The winery is located just outside of Tabuenca, a small town with only 400 inhabitants.
We harvest the grapes at the end of October. The grapes are manually selected and destemmed. In Temperatures are controlled to ensure a slow and steady fermentation. We extend the maceration of our wines, so that all aromas can be extracted from the skins of the grapes.
The cellar was newly constructed in 2012 and is equipped for processing the grapes gently. This allows us to exploit the full potential of our Garnacha grapes. After fermentation the wine ages in barriques for 12 months in our own barrel cellar. It is in the older building of the winery, build underground, with steady temperatures through the year.